IT Maintenance

Computer Maintenance – we make available to you all the tools that you might require in order to manage you business the way you like, without worrying about computing equipment administration.


Backup Services

Backup Services – most users seem satisfied with their backup strategies; however specialists warn you that there are still many deficiencies and errors being made. As all these affect data – one of the most important ...


Server Administration

Linux server administration covers the entire array of services necessary to maintain the stability of your equipment, including backup processes or security audits, installation and application updates...


Outsourcing IT "All in One"

SECURE IT SOLUTIONS is the provider of integrated services specialized in the design, installation and management of information systems, computers, networks and communications. In short, we provide complex computer maintenance and server administration services, at the highest standards. Our mission is to provide you with the technical support and assistance that will allow you to focus all your attention on managing you business. IT Outsourcing – means working with another company, which performs functions that are usually achieved in house, by an IT department or a designated employee. Outsourcing is nowadays an opportunity for strategic management and cost optimization. We invite you to discover the benefits of working with our team and to enjoy the objectives set. We are prepared to offer you complete service packages, covering all information technology, hardware or software requisites of your company, so that you will never have to resort to more than one IT service provider again.